Nothin else to do but get her clothes and pack
She say shes about to run away and never come back.

I've cried the whole night out
How could it be like this?
The pain is so big, it kills me
You tell me you're sad, and so do I
Our only chans is gone forever, now there's just my horrible life left and soon I can't do this anymore
I'm so resigned and feel so bad, I know that I couldn't do something to change it, but it feels like if I've did this
And if it was I, my hate and sorrow will kill me soon
But now I know I have to stand strong, show that I can make things out And if I can't, I'm back to zero and losing myself to hell again
I'm feeling lost in my self, I need a way to go. I don't know how to make this but I know that I have to get my pain and sorrow out of me, and for that I need to cry my eyes out over and over again. But I will always love you, even if I should try to not, I'll be here for you every time


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