Teen years..Isn't it the worst time of all..You gotta look, talk and behave oneself in a special way. If you dont. Then who are you? Perhaps a nerd, perhaps nobody. You gotta have the right clothes and the right body to fit in, if you dont then you will be harassed and every one will look down on you. But what if..What if we teenager just change the world into a better place. No more harassments and no more "you're not accepted". Just face it. Everybody's diffrent and it will always be like that, But remember we are all Gods children. It doesn't matter if youre black or white. Tall or short. Thick or thin. Everybody's equal. // Yandeh

Postat av: Emma

Jätte fin text måste jag säga och jag håller helt med dig =)

2009-09-30 @ 18:18:04

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